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  Christiaan Goossens f254511683 Changed CSS 10 months ago
  Christiaan Goossens 3e57fe3a15 Updated main.css 10 months ago
  Christiaan Goossens d05a054eef Updated theme for v1 10 months ago
  Christiaan Goossens 9a8ce2d3b4 Update package.json 1 year ago
  Christiaan Goossens d650943618 Finalizing template for deployment on chrg.nl 1 year ago
  Christiaan Goossens cf23e30989 Improved responsiveness with a better JS algorithm to determine height 1 year ago
  Christiaan Goossens b0d520c95a Made the theme responsive 1 year ago
  Christiaan Goossens 9fe6157707 Base design finished & content 1 year ago
  Christiaan Goossens 050d446960 Added new header system, waiting for texts to be added to .header-text 1 year ago
  Christiaan Goossens 3269d2b65c Added first additions, in temp state 2 years ago
  Christiaan Goossens 03a921110f Converted parts of the default theme to SCSS to allow for faster editing 2 years ago
  Christiaan Goossens cd7e56028f Added scss directory and .sass-lint + added waypoints js lib 2 years ago
  Christiaan Goossens 7345d0dbe7 The beginnings of building a new theme from the casper base. 2 years ago